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From undervalued 9-5er to helping hundreds of sales professionals & entrepreneurs build a life and business they love.

I’m a B2B sales strategist, entrepreneur and sales psychology expert for service-based businesses.

My teaching approach comes from my experience. I was a rookie B2B sales seller who hit multiple 7-figures sales and brought on 10+ new clients in my first year. The usual norm for new sellers is zero sales in their first year and 1 new client in their second year.

Figuring out the approach for selling B2B services wasn’t an easy feat. Not too long ago, I had to change my life completely.

Melissa Chen Coaching

Hard work and consistency is what distinguishes a zero from a hero.

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I started out my career as a certified CPA where I sat in a cubicle and looked at numbers all day. 

I was bored, depressed and dreaded going to work everyday. 

Accounting was all I knew. I didn’t have the confidence that I was good enough to do anything else so I stuck with it.

After my mom’s passing from cancer, I realized life was too short and finally “took the leap” to open my business.

The shift into “being my own boss” wasn’t all glamorous and came with many unknowns. I didn’t know where to start to get my first clients and quickly became cash strapped. I attended every possible networking event and wasted A LOT of time and money on fake “gurus” without getting any clients. As a newbie with a need to impress, I HIGHLY DISCOUNTED my services.

Finally, I got some traction and increased my prices, but quickly realized:

"My heart was not in the business that I was building. "

Where you are today does not have to define where you will be tomorrow. You can change who you are at anytime.


I was back to square one and felt like a failure
to change my career yet again.

I realized that I didn’t like the operations aspect of my business but love the selling part of it.

Unexpectedly, an opportunity came up to work as Sales Rep for a data management company through a close buddy of mine. I knew nothing about data management or selling to enterprises, but was up for the challenge.

I put in the extra hours and worked harder than anyone else did because I was the least experienced person in the room. I developed my own sales strategy, became an expert in what I was selling, and generated an automated way for lead generation all without any training.

My hard work paid off because as a rookie seller, I closed multiple 7 figures and also brought on 10+ new clients in my first year. The norm for a new seller is to close zero sales in the first year and bring on 1 new client in their second year.

Going back to corporate world was a big challenge because of the office politics and lack of appreciation so I eventually left to start my own coaching business.

This all leads me to where I am today: If I can learn how to sell multiple 7 figures in my first year without any background knowledge nor connections then you can too. I want to share what I learned in sales so that you can live the life you want.  

If you got this far, then you are like me: a go-getter, a doer, who wants more in life.

That’s why I am so passionate to help you grow your sales.

It doesn’t matter if you are currently an employed sales rep who has a sales quota to meet or a new entrepreneur looking to get his/her first client.

Let’s do this together.